Privacy Policy

Effective: November 22, 2020 



Our Commitment to Privacy

Mini-Circuits Israel Ltd. (“Mini-Circuits Israel”) recognizes and respects the importance of individual privacy and values the confidence of its customers.  The globalization of business in this increasingly electronic economy makes the collection of personal information of individuals a necessity.  It is our goal to balance the benefits of e-commerce with the preservation of individual privacy rights.  This Privacy Policy describes the kind of information Mini-Circuits Israel may collect from you when you use this website (the “Website”), the reasons for collecting your information and how Mini-Circuits Israel may use the information collected from you.  By accessing or using this Website, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of the information collected from you in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.  This Privacy Policy supplements, and should be read in conjunction with, Mini-Circuits’ Israel Terms of Use for this Website which are accessible by you from the home page of this Website.

Collecting Your Information

Except as set otherwise set forth herein, you may generally browse this Website without being required to provide us any of your personally identifiable information.  However, in some circumstances, we may request that you provide personally identifiable information, including, without limitation, (1) your first and last name, (2) a home or business mailing address, (3) a domain name or e-mail address, and (4) a telephone number.  Although your response to such a request is completely voluntary, there are times when you may be required to provide personally identifiable information to us, such as when you request product information or to be contacted by a representative of Mini-Circuits Israel.  If you do not elect to provide the information requested, we may be unable to process your request. In the course of your use of the Website, Mini-Circuits Israel may collect certain information, including, without limitation, your Internet Protocol address and other domain information as a part of our analysis of the use of our Website.  This data enables us to become more familiar with which customers visit our Website and web pages, how often they visit, and what parts of the Website they visit most often.  Mini-Circuits Israel uses this information to improve our web-based offerings.  This information is collected automatically and requires no action on your part.

Your Access to Your Information

If you would like to view, update or delete any of your information that is collected by Mini-Circuits Israel, you may do so by emailing us at If requested, Mini-Circuits Israel will provide, update or delete, any information you have provided to us upon receipt of evidence reasonably requested by Mini-Circuits Israel. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in this Privacy Policy shall prevent Mini-Circuits Israel from retaining your information where Mini-Circuits Israel is required to do so by law.

Use of Your Information

Mini-Circuits Israel may use the information it collects from you during the course of your use of the Website for a variety of business and marketing purposes including (1) responding to requests for product information, (2) for record-keeping and archival purposes pursuant to applicable law, (3) promoting Website development, (4) customer service purposes, and (5) to contact and correspond with you for marketing and other business purposes.

Pursuant to your acceptance of this Privacy Policy, you hereby acknowledge, agree, and consent to receive e-mail communications from Mini-Circuits Israel for purposes of, among other things, to receive (1) marketing material, promotional offers, events, and news related to Mini-Circuits Israel, (2) legal notices regarding changes to Mini-Circuits Israel online Terms of Use or this Privacy Policy as well as notices for any security breaches involving your information as required by applicable law, and (3) to correspond with you regarding any transactions you may have completed or attempted to complete on the Website or otherwise with Mini-Circuits Israel.  Please note that your access or use of the Website is not conditioned upon your consenting to receive e-mail communications from Mini-Circuits Israel, and that you may opt-out of receiving future e-mail communication from Mini-Circuits Israel by clicking the “unsubscribe” link in any Mini-Circuits Israel e-mail communication e-mailed to you.

Mini-Circuits Israel will deem that your independent decision to access and use the Website constitutes an act of acceptance to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and that you have given your permission and consent to us to collect, maintain, and use your personal information in accordance herewith.

Disclosure of Your Information

Mini-Circuits Israel may share and disclose your information with its (1) business partners, (2) affiliates, (3) subsidiaries, (4) legal representatives, (5) sales agents, (6) independent contractors, and (7) third-party vendors and suppliers for Mini-Circuits Israel’s business purposes described above.

Mini-Circuits Israel reserves the right to share your information to respond to duly authorized information requests of governmental authorities or where required by law.  We may also provide your information to a third party in connection with the sale, assignment, or other transfer of the business of the Website.

Your information may be transferred to a location outside of the state of Israel.  The data protection and privacy laws of the location to which your information is transferred may not be as comprehensive as the laws of the state of Israel.  In the event of such a transfer outside of Israel, Mini-Circuits Israel will take measures to ensure that the recipient of such information provides an appropriate level of protection with respect to such information.

Collecting Your Information Through Cookies

Some pages on this Website use “cookies,” which are small files that are placed on your hard drive by the Website for identification purposes.  These files are used for site registration and customization for when you visit the Website.  Cookies identify you to the Website and are used to load your preferences and track the pages you visit.  If your browser is set up to automatically accept cookies then your browser will add this small file to your hard drive.  Most web browsers allow you to modify the way cookies are handled.  You may be able to configure your web browser to warn you when it receives a cookie in order to be given a choice to accept or reject a cookie, or your browser may be configured to automatically refuse cookies.  Each browser is different.  Refer to the “Help” menu of your browser to learn how to change your cookie preferences.  By not accepting cookies, some pages of the Website may not fully function. Your use of this Website constitutes and will, for all purposes, be deemed your consent to the use of “cookies” on this Website in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Changing Our Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy became effective as of the date set forth above.  Mini-Circuits Israel reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time.  We will update the effective date posted at the top of this webpage and post an updated Privacy Policy for any changes we make.  We recommend that all visitors and users of this Website re-visit this Privacy Policy page occasionally to learn of any new privacy practices or changes to our policy.  Your continued use of this Website constitutes an act of acceptance of any changes to this Privacy Policy.